Jan Tobias Mühlberg; thanks to Chauveau Photography for the picture.
Jan Tobias Mühlberg; thanks to Chauveau Photography for the picture.


I’m a professor at Université libre de Bruxelles, École polytechnique, and an associate researcher at KU Leuven, DistriNet research group. I work on topics involving privacy, safety and security of information and communications technology, with particular interest in dependable embedded systems and secure critical ICT infrastructures, and in interdisciplinary research on questions around the responsible and sustainable development and use of ICTs.

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  • Responsible Computing & Sustainable ICT submission deadlines countdown: responsible-computing.github.io
  • DistriNet TEE: Establishing Trust across the System Stack. We are the TEE group at imec-DistriNet at KU Leuven.
  • CIF Seminars: An monthly series of interdisciplinary seminars around legal and technical topics related to cybersecurity and online privacy, organised by the CiTiP, COSIC, and DistriNET research groups of KU Leuven.
  • Sancus: A Lightweight and Open-Source Trusted Computing for the IoT
  • VulCAN: Efficient Component Authentication and Software Isolation for Automotive Control Networks
  • 5GhOSTS: 5th GeneratiOn Security for Telecom Services

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